Segway One S1 Review

Today we bring you the promised Segway One S1 review. Yes, it’s not a hoverboard, but a self balancing electric unicycle.

It’s from the company formerly known as Ninebot, which has since been acquired by the well-known Segway corporation.

The Segway One S1 is the heir to the Ninebot One E +.

Some things have changed in this account of the unicycle. Let’s take a look..

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Segway One S1 Technical Specs

Weight Limit 220 lbs Max Speed 12.5 mph Typical Range*~ 15 miles Max Climbing Angle~ 15 Adeg Applicable Terrain Pavement, backpack clay, obstacles Weight& DimensionsA~ 25 lbs, 16.6 x 7.2 x 17.6 in Battery Capacity 155 Wh x 2 UL 2272, FCC part 15 subparts B and C Battery Module UL 2271, UN/ DOT 38.3