The Excellent Off Road Hoverboard

We are often asked what is the best off superhighway hoverboard for sale. That’s because a lot of you want something a little more practical than high standards hoverboard. Something that doesn’t stop when you are substitute a perfectly smooth pavement with grease or grass or gravel.

So, we gathered a collect of the best off superhighway hoverboards available right now.

How to selected the right Off Road Hoverboard?

The main consideration when choosing a hoverboard for off roading, is the rotation sizing. Regular hoverboards have 6.5 inch wheels with hard rubber tires. That’s okay for asphalt, but not for much else. For off roading, you want something that’s 8.5 inches or more.

The Best Off Road Hoverboard on the Sell in 2017?

So let’s take a look at the best options available to you in 2017 😛 TAGEND

Segway miniPRO 10 inch off superhighway hoverboard

The miniPRO is an agile personal transporter. Calling it an hoverboard is a little reductive, as this invention can do a lot more than a hoverboard can: in addition to riding it, you can actually remote control it with your phone.

It facets big-hearted 10 inch wheels with inflatable tires which are ideal for riding it off road.

A great investment if you commute, it has its quirks and it’s quite expensive. If you off superhighway chiefly because you use your hoverboard to actually commute, oh the very best alternative. Check out our in-depth review of the miniPRO here.

Is the Segway miniPRO waterproof?

The miniPRO is IP54 water resistant- so technically no: you’re admonished not to ride in puddles or snowy spots of terrain.

EPIKGO 8.5 inch off superhighway hoverboard

The EPIKGO is one of the newest hoverboards on the market. It features a slightly different technology than the first generation hoverboards, allowing it to call most powerful engines. The 8.5 inch wheels are incredible on grease and grass, even though , not being inflatable, you will still experience a lot of pulse on unequal terrains.

This hoverboard is pretty big and clunky, but it’s still smaller than the miniPRO. If portability is not an issue, the EPIKGO will be a very competent off superhighway hoverboard. Check out or full EPIKGO discus here.

Is the EPIKGO waterproof?

The EPIKGO is ratedA Rated IP5 6 for sea fighting. That means that you can travel it through slime, snow and puddles no problem, you just can’t submerge it in water.

Should I get a Waterproof All Terrain Scooter instead?

If you’re absolutely serious about your off roading and you want the most comfortable travel when off roading, we do recommend to go for an All Terrain Scooter instead. These scooters are much more expensive, but they peculiarity immense inflatable tires. These wheels are 21 inches, so they are likely to travel on “the worlds largest” arduous of fields. Our selection for this list would be the..

Q5 Chariot All Terrain Scooter

The Q5 Chariot is an improbably capable off superhighway all terrain personal mobility invention. You can stand while riding it, or you can add an optional accommodate to it. It also has two carrying examples to accumulate your beers, fishing gear or whatever you may need in your off superhighway expeditions. At almost three splendid, it ain’t inexpensive, but if you’re an adventure suitor, in our opinion it’s a bargain.

The Best Off Road Hoverboard

In conclusion, we think that the best all around off superhighway hoverboard is the EPIKGO. Its rate, features and sizing affect the right balance for a off superhighway hoverboard. All but the most extreme of off superhighway hoverboard riders will be happy with the EPIKGO.

Hoverboards Off Road FAQ

Finally, cause us answer a few of the questions we get more often about off superhighway hoverboards.

Can you use hoverboards on grease?

Yes, you can pretty much expend ANY hoverboard on grease. That enunciated, if you plan on going on grease superhighways a lot, or if the grease superhighway has a lot of pebbles and cliffs, you should get an EPIKGO at least.

Can you ride hoverboards on gravel?

Not truly. Most hoverboards will be thrown off by gravel, and it will be near impossible to ride them. Even the EPIKGO that does excellently on grease will have a hard time on gravel. If you are ready to ride your hoverboard on gravel a lot, go with the miniPRO or a self offsetting unicycle instead.

Which hoverboards work on grass?

Grass is not as bad, and you can travel most hoverboards on grass( depending on how tall the grass is, of course ). If you’re thinking backyard, any hoverboard will do. If you’re thinking grove flooring, go for one of the hoverboards listed above.

Which hoverboards are waterproofed?

For now, wording alone of hoverboards suitable, simply the EPIKGO is rated IP56 for sea resistance.

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